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Dr. Ali McMillan ND

About The Process

What to Expect?

Booking An Appointment

Booking an appointment is the first step in initiating care. Appointments can be booked online by clicking any "Book now" button from this website, or calling the office and leaving a message. All patients should start with a "New Patient Visit" as this gives us time to discuss your health in detail. 

Most new patients can be seen within 2 weeks. If you need to book in quicker and there is no availability, please call or email. 


Medical Intake Forms

After booking your appointment you can fill in the Intake and Consent Forms, which must be signed before treatment can begin. Forms can be brought to the first appointment, emailed to Dr. Ali or filled out in the office before the appointment.


For patients under 16 years of age, a legal guardian must also sign the consent forms. 

Your First Appointment

Your first appointment is all about information gathering. We will talk in depth about your current and past state of health. Often in this appointment some physical exams are done and if necessary, we may decide to order some lab work. 

It is really helpful to bring the following to your first appointment...

  • A list of any drugs or supplements you are currently taking (and dosages)

  • Recent lab work (blood test results) or imaging reports if you have them

  • A list of all your health concerns, it's easy to forget a few in the appointment. If you forget to mention a concern in the appointment, email Dr. Ali to have it added to the list. 

Your Second Visit

The second visit is typically when we discuss your plan. The plan may involve more data collection (ex. blood work) if needed but will usually involve a list of natural treatment options which we will discuss and determine together which will most likely work for you based on expected effect, your goals, your lifestyle and your capacity to take on change. Natural treatment options with the most research are usually presented (unless otherwise indicated) so we can be more confident the treatment will be effective. Determining a plan is a team effort, you are encouraged to share your thoughts, feelings, hesitations and preferences during plan development and after. Plans can also be revised as needed as situations change. 

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Your Third Visit and Future Follow Ups

In follow up visits we continue to unravel more complex health concerns, address problems in the plan or build on successes. If you tried the plan and could not make it work, this is a chance to dive into why, address any obstacles or discuss alternatives. If you are moving through the plan and feel better, wonderful! It might be time to move to the next step.


What Types Of Treatments Are Offered?

Dr. Ali provides the following treatments to her patients.


Botanical Medicine

Clinical Nutrition


Nutraceuticals (Supplements)

Lifestyle medicine

Mindfulness, Meditation and Breathwork

How Much Does All This Cost?

Dr. Ali is very cost aware. Limited budgets are normal and not an indication of how much you value your health. People of all budgets deserve to feel well. If money is tight and some options are not affordable, let Dr. Ali know and she will do her best to keep costs down.  

Naturopathic Medicine is private medicine and thus is not covered by MSP (there are some exceptions). Patients pay for their appointments at the end of each appointment. Debit, Mastercard, Visa, Apple Pay and Google Pay are accepted.


Naturopathic care is covered by most extended health care plans, either completely or in part. Direct billing is available through Telus Health and Pacific Blue Cross.  


The rates are as follows...

New Patient Initial Visit: Takes between 60-75 minutes 


Follow up Visits: Takes 45-60 minutes


Recurring Weekly Appointments or Acupuncture: Takes 45-60 minutes

Usually requires an intake appointment first to ensure acupuncture will be right for you.. 


Reduced rates are offered for College and University students. 

If lab work or imaging is needed, that is paid for by the patient or their private insurance. Prices are determined by the lab and vary based on what is being tested. Dr. Ali will tell you how much the lab will charge for any tests considered before they are run so there are no surprises. Most tests are quite affordable. Labs must be paid for before they are run. 

Dr. Ali does not sell supplements. If supplements are recommended, they can be purchased from online retailers or local suppliers. Dr. Ali does not receive any compensation from any dispensary and patients are welcome and encouraged to seek out better pricing at other stores if they like. 

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